Although the Tulip Baroo kitchen is a designated gluten-free zone, some of the flours that we use in our house made mixes are processed in facilities that also process wheat products. These flours undergo standardized gluten testing at the facility in which they are processed. Due to the small nature of Tulip Baroo combined with the limited affordable access we have to certified GF flours, at this time, we are not able to turn any flour batches away that have tested higher than the allotted maximum 20ppm gluten content set by the Canadian Celiac Association. We obtain these test results as a safeguard and keep them on file. If this is a concern for you, please request from us the current test results and we will happily send them along. If you have any other questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to contact us!



Other common allergen ingredients handled in the TB kitchen include soy, sesame, peanuts and other tree nuts. Although we are diligent in avoiding any cross contamination, we cannot guarantee that our allergen-free products have not come in contact with these ingredients. Upon ordering, please let us know if there are any allergies you may be aware of in your party. Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.